Doussie Hardwood Logs

Doussie Hardwood Logs Supplier

Onuoko Commodities Limited is an experienced Doussie Hardwood Logs Supplier, working with a huge network of Doussie Hardwood Logs and lumber companies to become the best Doussie Hardwood Logs Supplier in the world. 

Doussie hardwood logs are a very popular wood species in dense forest of Nigeria and other west African regions, Central and East Africa countries. It can also be found in Savanna. In Nigeria, it is referred to as Apa or Aligna. Doussie Trees grows best in moist locations to as high as 25-40 meters above the ground with average diameter of 1-1.5meter.  The Doussie Hardwood Logs are moderately resistant to termites and very durable species of wood.

Unlike most Doussie Hardwood Logs Supplier, aims to have an strong business relationship with clients all over the world and for that we put our maximum efforts in supplying the best available quality Doussie Hardwoord Logs to our customers so they can remember our name as a leading Hardwood Logs Supplier As an experienced Doussie Hardwood Logs Supplier, we know what the customers needs. Therefore, we make sure to keep our Doussie Hardwood Logs have no holes, curves, rot or clift with little bark.

Uses: Doussie hardwood logs are widely use for the manufacturing of furniture, Door, window frame, window shutter etc.


Origin: Nigeria

Wood Type; Doussie

Shape: Square

Color: Yellow brownish but get darker as the age goes by.

Form:  Raw Materials

Size: 35cm by 35cm by 210cm

Shipping and Packaging Options: 90-100 logs per 20ft container with monthly supply capacity of 10