Dry Hibiscus Flower

Dry Hibiscus Flower Exporter

Onuoko commodities Limited is a proud Dry hibiscus flower exporter. Since our existence, we are dedicated to become the world's best known Dry hibiscus flower exporter.

Here at Onuoko Commodities Limited, we make sure that our Dry Hibiscus Flower is clean processed under strict hygienic environment. Our packaging is done in 15kg and 25kg pp bags. As an experienced Dry hibiscus flower exporter, we also facilitate clients with customize 40ft or 20ft container as per the request of the client.

Hibiscus is a flowering plant in the mallow family, Malvaceae. In Nigeria, Hibiscus flower grows almost throughout the year and is a valuably versatile crop that can be processed into flavor, hibiscus tea and other medicinal value, helping dry hibiscus flower exporter like us in growing markets word wide. In Nigeria, dry Hibiscus flower is locally brewed into local drink known as Zobo. Other medicinal value associated with Dried Hibiscus extract include; it help in reduction of blood pressure, cholesterol level and blood sugar level .

Mexico is a very major importer of Nigeria Dried Hibiscus flower. Other major buyers of Nigeria Dried Hibiscus flower include; Germany, European countries, Asia and America.


Origin: Nigeria

Grade: A

Type: Dried Flower

Color: Dark red

Form:  Raw Materials

Admixture: 2% MAX

Moisture: <9%

Delivery: we do ocean delivery 18 days after confirmation of LC or advance payment.

Packaging: 25kg seaworthy good quality pp bags loaded in 20” FCL