Quality Garlic Exporter

As a quality Garlic exporter, we have always tried to become competitive in all terms so we can achieve our aim of becoming a renown quality garlic exporter in the world!  

A specie of Allium Sativum, Garlic is a plant generally eaten for food. It is basically is a native of central Asia but grows wild in Italy that gives an advantage to the quality garlic exporters in Italy. It thrives well in the tropical region as well as sub-tropical regions of Africa. Garlic is related to onions and is divided into many parts called cloves. It is the second most wildly use among the alliums after Onions.

In Nigeria and many Africa countries, quality garlic exporters cultivate garlic for it various uses. Both the green vegetative parts and the bulb are use as spice, flavoring and seasoning. Garlic has a strong unpleasant smell when perceived but when added to meals, it gives nice fragrance. Because of its high medicinal value, Quality Garlic is recognise in the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, bacteria and fungi diseases, cancer, Ulcer, Whooping cough etc. It is also rich in protein, sugar, fat, calcium, sulphur, fibre and vitamins. It is also use as raw materials in pharmaceutical industries. 

Onuoko commodities limited is well experienced quality garlic exporter and we try supply the cleanest garlic Worldwide. We thrive to be the most reliable quality garlic exporter from Nigeria



Origin: Nigeria

Brand Name; Garlic (Allim sativum

Grade: A

Color: White

Sizes: 4.5-5.00, 5.0-5.5cm

Status: Available

Capacity:  5,000Mt

Delivery: 20 – 28 days after confirmation of LC or advance

Packaging Options: 25kg or 50kg pp bags