Quality Sesame Seed

Quality Sesame Seed Supplier

We have been quality sesame seed supplier since the past 2 years and believe in becoming the best known, quality sesame seed supplier around the Globe within a short span of time!

Quality Sesame seed is a small flowering plant in the species sesamum orientale.  These seeds are largely found in Africa and Nigeria is among the top ten producers ranking 7th Worldwide.A Quality  Sesame Seed has one of the highest oil contents among seeds. Onuoko Commodities Limited puts the best effort in offering the best quality sesame seed supply by trying to keep the minimum oil content of around 50%.

Because of the high oil content, it is highly used in cuisines across the middle east and Asia and in confectionaries in North America.

As mentioned above, our sim is to become the top known quality sesame seed supplier in the entire Globe, so we keep our Sesame seed clean and free from water damage and infestation from live weevils so that our customers get what they paid for and continue long-term partnership with us!

Major importers of our sesame seed include Turkey, Japan, India, South Korea, Germany and others.  Since Onuoko Commodities Limited is high quality sesame seed supplier, stock is always in sound merchantable quality with natural taste and smell making is completely fit for human consumption. 


Origin: Nigeria

Grade: A

Type: Seeds

Color: Whitish natural

Purity: 99.0%

Oil content: 50% MIN

FFA: <1.5%

Admixture: 5% MAX

Moisture: 6%

Delivery: we do ocean delivery 28 days after confirmation of LC or advance payment.

Packaging: 50 kg in seaworthy good quality pp bags loaded in 20” FCL