Organic Shea Butter

Organic Shea Butter Exporter

Onuoko Commodities Limited has been Organic Shea Butter Exporter since a long time and we work with full commitment in becoming the best Organic Shea Butter Exporter in the Globe!

Shea butter is basically a fat drawn directly out of the Shea nuts that grows on the African Shea Tree. It has various colors like Yellow, Ivory, White and so on. The colors might change because of the additional ingredients such a turmeric, borututu root etc. As an experienced Organic Shea Butter Exporter, we have observed over the time that it has an enormous use in the cosmetics industry for lotions, moisturizers or salves.

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction since we want our customers to remember as the best Organic Shea Butter Exporter, therefore we offer our customers with a memorable service by ensuring that we do not use Chemicals, Detergents and other hazardous ingredients that makes our Shea Butter best for cosmetic purpose.

Onuoko Commodities Limited has always aimed towards long term business relationship, since it helps us in moving a step forward in becoming the number 1 Organic Shea Butter Exporter in the World! Don't hesitate and step forward to place an order now!


Product Name: 100% Natural organic African Shea Butter

Grade: A

FFA: <3%

Moisture: <1%

Iodine value: 62.1/100g

Saponification value: 179mg KHO/g

Melting point: 35-45°c

Solubility: insoluble in water